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We share our genuine passion for distributing quality Iodine and Potassium Iodide products.

We avoid:

  • Price increases
  • Delayed products
  • Last minute changes

Our mission

Low and stable prices without last-minute surprises.


We understand the effect of high prices, delays and unavailable raw materials on businesses and families.

Our core values include providing excellent customer service, fast order processing and added value to visitors and customers.


  • The lowest price is listed on the product
  • Volume discounts for all customers (no wholesale account or special access needed)
  • We are chemical distributors and interact daily with our network
  • Our relationships across the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries
  • Having an infrastructure, business processes, and team designed specifically for our objectives

The result❓

Day-in and day-out quality Iodine and Potassium Iodide products regardless of market conditions.

And when we don't get it right, we fix it❗️Fast...

We encourage you to shop before buying

Points to consider for Iodine or Potassium Iodide products:

  • The country where the product is sold, its price, and its currency
  • Purity, grade and origin of chemicals
  • How is the packaging? (boxes, bottles, etc.)
  • The net quantity of the product
  • The company's procedures
  • Does the company recommend reading labels before buying?
  • How fast is the product shipped, and what is the shipping cost?

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Please take the time to compare and do your best to provide us with the most details possible.

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